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The Great Courses (The Teaching Company, LLC)
“One of my favorite sources for great lectures is The Teaching Company… In medicine there are two that I like a lot. One is The Human Body: How We Fail, How We Heal by Anthony Goodman. He explains the different diseases that people get and the progress we have made on how to treat them.” ––Bill Gates  The Gates Notes

Anthony Goodman’s courses include:
      Understanding The Human Body. Anatomy and Physiology
      The Human Body: How We Fail; How We Heal
      Lifelong Health: Achieving Optimum Well-Being at Any Age
      Myths of Nutrition and Fitness

For details, visit Dr. Anthony Goodman’s course page


National and Regional Television: Anthony Goodman was a panelist on CSPAN’s Book TV discussing the Role of History in Fiction.



Death Dance of the Heart

It must have been a strep throat that went untreated, probably when she was a little girl.  Later she developed rheumatic fever.  Now, at age 32, the damage done to her heart valves was in the last stages.

Anne’s heart had been failing slowly for several years.  One of her valves was so damaged that with every heartbeat, blood had to be driven with extra force to get past the small stenotic opening.  Between heartbeats, the valve failed to close tightly, and some of the blood leaked back into the heart chamber.  This meant that her heart muscle had to work extra hard all the time just to get enough blood out to the organs through that small opening.  When the blood leaked back into the ventricle, it created a further burden on the already overloaded heart. read more…