In Development – The Crew:

The Crew is a classic sports underdog story, closely based on Anthony Goodman’s experiences rowing for the Harvard  Varsity Lightweight Crew in the late 1950’s.

The Agony of Victory: Goodman in the foreground just after his crew row broke three course records in one race beating the Isis crew of Oxford.

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At 5’10’’ and 145 pounds in my freshman year at Harvard, I was far from the body type associated with eight oared racing crews. In my sophomore year, rowing as the stroke of the third boat (a crew which has only pick-up races and no standing), my crew quite unexpectedly beat the Junior Varsity in a time trial a week before the first race of the season, after seven months of training. The next day, in another time trial we beat the Varsity crew who had been undefeated in US collegiate rowing the previous year, and had returned as international champions in the Thames Challenge Cup at the Henley Royal Regatta. For the next three years my crew of “misfits,” against all odds, won three Eastern Sprints championships in the US and two more Thames Challenge Cups at Henley, setting several domestic and international records along the way.

I wrote the screenplay to try to give the audience a glimpse into the wonderful world of competitive eight oared rowing – a sport few people will have the opportunity to experience beyond this film.

My experiences were life-defining for me and for everyone in my crew. For more than 50 years since then, my crew members and coach have continued to get together to row on the river both at Harvard and at Henley, and to share stories. Most recently we celebrated the 50th reunion of our international victories at The Henley Royal Regatta in England.