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None But The Brave: A Novel of the Surgeons of World War II:

Based on the diaries of Anthony Goodman’s mentors, Dr. Alfred Hurwitz––one of the surgeons on the front lines of the D-Day invasion––None But The Brave offers a gripping, tension-filled look inside the lives of the men and women who risked their lives to save others. From the beaches of Normandy to the concentration camps deep in the heart of Germany, surgeons John “Hamm” Hammer and Steve Schneider,medics Gene Antonelli, Dick Higgenson, and Andy Marsh, and nurse Molly Ferrarro are thrown into the action—faced with the horrors of battle, under constant enemy fire, sometimes caught on the wrong side of enemy lines: ordinary people performing acts of heroism in a job where the life expectancy of the medics on the beaches of Normandy was only 19 minutes.

In a time when the politics of war divide Americans more than ever along partisan lines, None But The Brave pays tribute to a war that united Americans in the ideals and values we cherish as a nation––a war whose witnesses will soon forever be lost to history.

“Using war diaries and knowledge gained as a long-time surgeon and a Vietnam veteran, Goodman has concocted a smart, believable and eminently readable ‘in the trenches’ adventure story [that] moves toward a fitting climax with a gut-churning reunion”. ––Florida Times Union

Dr. Alfred Hurwitz’ Diaries (which formed the basis for None But The Brave)

“Dr. Goodman’s description of a life at war, on the battlefields and in the operating rooms, can only deepen our appreciation for the daily heroic acts of courage by these men and women without guns.” -–General Barry R. McCaffrey, USA (Ret.)

“None But The Brave is a stirring story of the war just behind the war, the selfless doctors, nurses, and medics that kept so many men alive during the harrowing days of the Normandy invasion and the American advance through World War II Europe.  Anthony Goodman had years of experience healing the wounded, and both his expertise and his human sympathy shine through on every page.” –– Kevin Baker, author of New York Times best seller, Paradise Alley


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The Shadow of God: A Novel of War and Faith:

The year is 1522. Two great leaders, twenty-five-year-old Suleiman the Magnificent, the absolute ruler of the mighty Ottoman Empire, and Philippe de L’Isle Adam, the grisly, fifty-eight-year-old Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes, come to war on the Greek island of Rhodes. Authentic in all its historical detail, The Shadow of God evokes a seismic clash of cultures: Muslim versus Christian, the Ottoman Empire versus the last remaining Knights of the Crusades and, most important, two of the most powerful men of their time.

Nominated for the prestigious International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award.

“Goodman’s sensitive portrayals of the warring leaders and the civilizations they represent…are so vividly rendered that historical fiction fans and medieval history enthusiasts will be crossing their fingers for a follow-up.” –Publishers Weekly

“Goodman’s first novel is an engaging and well-written fictional account of the Ottoman Turks’ 145-day siege of the Greek island of Rhodes…highly recommended for all public libraries.” –Library Journal

“Anthony Goodman’s novel  The Shadow of God expertly weaves together the lives and conquests of the great 16th century Ottoman sultans Selim The Grim and Suleiman The Magnificent into a fascinating and compelling story which brings Ottoman history to life in a manner that few others have achieved.”

Professor Stanford J. Shaw
Professor Emeritus of Turkish and Judeo Turkish History,
University of California Los Angeles.
Professor of Modern Turkish History
Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey.

Also published in six languages worldwide, including…

Die Mauren von Rhodos – Historischer Roman. Bastei-Lubbe Taschenbuch. German Translation. Berlin. 2004.

Rodas. 1522:El Mayor Asedío de la Historia. Edhasa. Spanish Translation. Barcelona. 2005

Tanri’Nin Gölgesi. Rodos’Un Fethi. Turkish Translation. Arkadaş. Ankara, Turkey 2011


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Never Say Die: Doctor and Patient Talk About Breast Cancer:

Told through the personal story of Lucy Shapero, Anthony Goodman’s sister-in-law, who after a mastectomy continues to fight the cancer that metastasized to her bones, Never Say Die presents an informative–and moving–guide to the treatment of breast cancer, especially at an advanced stage.

“This book is a triumph.” ––Norman Cousins: Author of Anatomy of an Illness as Perceived by the Patient.


Goodman’s Upcoming Books:

The Sword of the Sultan: In The Shadow of God readers saw the young Ottoman Sultan, Suleiman the Magnificent, at the conclusion of the great siege of Rhodes. In The Sword of the Sultan we will accompany him as he expands his empire to one of the greatest and most powerful in the history of civilization. We watch from the inside, the working of the great Topkapi Palace and the internecine intrigues of the harem, as the women compete for the sultan’s love; the eunuchs struggle for power; and the sons of the Sultan Suleiman himself foment revolution and betrayal that will threaten the fabric and structure of the empire for centuries to come.

An Armed Savage: The Journeys of a Surgeon: The great British surgeon, John Hunter said, “Surgery is like an armed savage who attempts to get that by force which a civilized man would get by stratagem.” In this memoir Anthony Goodman takes the reader from the first spark of his desire to become a surgeon, through the 14 years of higher education and training, into the world and life of a surgeon: The “great saves” he will always remember, and the “terrible losses” he can never forget.

Aging Well. Dying Well.  In an exploration into the art and science of aging and dying,  Dr. Goodman, a lifelong athlete and surgeon, has written a detailed book on how to make the second half of life an exciting and vigorous journey.  The book includes an open and heartfelt discussion about death, a topic our society has for too long failed to have.  AMong the most important topics is the question of how we can die with dignity and without fear.  Dr. Goodman will engage you in what is possible and what is not when it comes to improving your aging experience; he will explore the realities of living a strong and joyful second half of life for your journey on this planet; a journey of excitement and joy.


Why I became a surgeon:

My earliest memory of the decision to become a surgeon was when I found a featherless dead baby bird on my way to my 6th grade class. My teacher allowed and encouraged me to do an autopsy to see if I could figure out how the bird had died. That very day I decided to be a surgeon. I put a handkerchief mask over my face and used my older brother’s dissecting tools to find the cause of death. And never for a moment from then on did I doubt I would become a surgeon.

Tony and his big brother, Steve

I owe a great deal of gratitude to Mr. Rausch, the 6th grade teacher at P.S. 193 in Brooklyn. He not only allowed me to do the autopsy, but then encouraged me to give weekly lectures to my class on medical topics which I had researched from the MEDICINE section in LIFE magazine.

The following story is detailed in An Armed Savage.

(Excerpt from A Small Bird chapter)

When I got to school I walked directly in to see my teacher, Mr. Rausch. He was a great big man (or so he seemed to an 11 year old) and had a smile that I remember as being a little bigger than that of the comedian, Joe E. Lewis. He had huge hands, and wore the same brown suit most of the time. Mr. Rausch was a very sensitive man, and nurtured my growing interest in biology and medicine. We all had to do special projects from time to time, and for mine, I would cut out the articles in the Medicine Section of LIFE Magazine. I glued them to a poster board which was inexplicably called oak tag. I would then explain to the class the workings of whatever system the editors of LIFE were featuring that week in the Medicine Section. read more…