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On June 6, 1944, the Allied forces in World War II embarked on the largest amphibious invasion in history, a day now known to all as D-Day. Amongst the over 160,000 soldiers carried on the 5000 armored vessels involved in the invasion were surgeons, doctors, and medics who tended to the wounded and tried to bring their comrades home alive. This is their story.

Based on the diaries of one of the surgeons involved in the invasion, Anthony Goodman’s latest novel is a gripping, tension-filled look inside the lives of the men and women who gallantly served the allied forces during the final two years of the second “war to end all wars.” Beginning with the invasion of Europe on the beaches of Normandy to the concentration camps deep in the heart of Germany, surgeons John “Hamm” Hammer and Steve Schneider, medics Gene Antonelli, Dick Higgenson, and Andy Marsh, and nurse Molly Ferrarro are thrown into the action—sometimes even caught on the wrong side of enemy lines. Goodman creates a work of fiction also detailing the dangers and perils of the battlefield medic, a job where the life expectancy during the D-Day invasion of Normandy was just 19 minutes. . These men and women volunteered to join the war in an effort to bring their fellow countrymen home alive. When they experience the horrifying reality of battle, these ordinary people find themselves in extraordinary circumstances, performing unbelievable acts of heroism under constant enemy fire.

This riveting, fictionalized account of the role of surgeons and their teams in World War II depicts the horrors of battle with astonishing brute force, illuminating the extreme difficulties experienced by the men and women in the field whose challenge it was to save lives while under intense enemy fire—while dealing with their own personal demons. Lauded by Publisher’s Weekly, Booklist, and the Library Journal for his fascinating earlier work in historical fiction, Goodman’s None But the Brave: A Novel of the Surgeons of World War II is one of the most exciting, mesmerizing works about World War II ever written.

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“Antonelli retreated further into his field jacket, huddling against the bulkhead and ducking his head out of the rain. He was a solid guy, dark and muscular, though he seemed very young to Hamm. Most of the time they couldn’t keep Antonelli quiet, his enthusiasm for even the most awful tasks that befell an army medic was still a wonder to the rest of the unit. But there on the LST, even Antonelli had grown ominously quiet, as if he were aware of horrors that none of them had yet considered.

They had been at sea again for twenty-four hours. A few days earlier the ship had weighed anchor on the south coast of England and pulled out into the English Channel for The Invasion. Then the weather had worsened, and the ship returned to anchor; then back to sea, and back to anchor again. Back and forth for five awful days, waiting for the signal.

But, the weather refused to quit. One rain squall followed another. The seas grew calm for a few hours, cruelly tantalizing the officers and men, bringing hope that the worst weather was over. Then the wind would move in again and toss the whole fleet around like toys. Thousands of ships of every size and description dotted the horizon off the coast of England, just out of site of Normandy. Twelve hundred huge fighting ships trained their guns on the French coast, jockeying in the rough seas to hold their positions. There were over eight hundred U.S. and British transports carrying more than one hundred and fifty thousand troops: most of them cold and seasick. All of them scared.

Four thousand landing craft hovered next to the troop carriers, waiting their turn to shuttle the men and arms ashore under the waiting guns of the German Wehrmacht. Day and night, destroyers hurried back and forth around the fleet, like sheep dogs worrying away the wolves. The wolves were German U-boats, waiting for targets. Waiting for these men.”

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